The majority of mobile users use apps more often than they access the internet. This means, if you are only using a traditional website as marketing tool, you’re missing out on a large portion of your potential visitors. One of the key benefits of having a mobile app are Push Notifications. When your visitors download your app, you’re able to send messages directly to your visitors mobile device, so that they automatically see your promotions and offers.

Having a mobile app will allow visitors to have all your information, any time, even if they are offline. This will result in improved engagement, better service, and your visitors overall experience of your destination. Basically, a mobile application can do everything your website can do and loads more! It can help you retain existing and get new visitors.

To meet the  ever growing needs, we offer a custom mobile app development service for any type of destination across various mobile platforms. From the moment you engage us, we’ll guide you through the mobile app development process from the initial concept design, to the release of your app on the targeted app stores.

And we offer a complete support and maintenance solution to insure your app remains up-to-date with any new manufacturer product updates. Not only will your mobile app be a cool marketing tool that will help you get visitors returning to your destination, it also will allow you to engage with those visitors in a whole new way.



And The Reasons You’ll Love Them

Mobile Visitors Guide

Populace’s multiple award-winning Visitor Guide Apps are changing the way destinations engage and interact with their guests. Contact us today for more info!

App Features

Custom designed user interface
Detailed directory
Events calendar
Destination about/contact information
Social media links
GPS mapping
Turn-by-turn directions

Walking | Driving Tours

History, meet Technology. Bring history to life with our ultra-rich walking and driving tour mobile apps. Have a print tour? Now is the time to take it to the next level.

App Features

Custom designed user interface
GPS Mapping
Professional Voice Narration
Point of Interest Detail
Image Gallery
Social Sharing w/ custom frames and auto hashtags

Passports | Trails

Want to showcase your trail? Our thematic passport and trail apps are great for featuring Wine, Beer, Barbecue trails and scavenger hunts and more!

App Features

Custom designed user interface
GPS Mapping
Professional Voice Narrated Introduction
Geofenced check-in
Check-in tracking
Prize Management
Lead Generation

Festivals and Events

Keep Attendees Engaged & Informed with our custom Festival and Events app. An event is not an event without a great app to accompany it.

App Features

Custom designed user interface
GPS Mapping
Event Schedule
Sponsor Gallery
Social Sharing
Countdown Calendar


We provide a custom app for all types of conferences. Some features include Schedules with Custom Agenda Creation and Session Surveys.

App Features

Custom designed user interface
Event schedule
Customizable Attendee Agenda
Social Sharing
Sponsor Gallery

Custom Apps

We have created dozens of custom apps for everything from Contests to Marketing Campaigns to Sales Support applications. Idea, meet innovation.

App Features

iBeacon Support
NFC Solutions
Fleet Tracking
Game Engine
Sales Tools

Why Apps?

The average smartphone user checks their phone over 200 times per day – or once every 6 minutes.

But what does mobile have to do with tourism?

Game-changing mobile trends are more prevalent in tourism than many other industries. Why? Because tourists rely on their smartphones for help in not only researching but exploring a new destination. Your visitors no longer hope for you to have a mobile presence – they expect it. We would love to work with you to help develop or expand your mobile presence with a fantastic Mobile App.

Consider these recent trends

Travelers that use mobile to research trips 62%
Travelers that book on their phone 61%
Travelers that user their smartphones at destination 89%

But I already have a Mobile “Site”

Sure, websites and mobile sites play an important role in visitor engagement, but to try and substitute them for a stand-alone mobile app will result in lower engagement. As visitors travel further down the Marketing Funnel they become more engaged with your brand by contacting you through various channels. Each have a higher weight and importance. With the exception of the actual “Site Experience”, Mobile apps have proven to be the most effective engagement tool.


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